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VANCOUVER 2016 Vacation Rentals

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by admin
December 19, 2015
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vancouver_2010VANCOUVER 2016 Vacation Rentals


Canada, BC boasts of several popular tourist spots which you can visit. If you are interested in some all terrain adventure then you need not look any further than Canadian All Terrain Adventures Ltd. This group gives customers the opportunity of a lifetime when they choose either a snowmobile, Hummer, ATV, Snowcat or a 4×4 wilderness tour at Whistler Resort. You can discover this aspect of BC when you stay at close by holiday homes. VANCOUVER 2016 Vacation Rentals.

A plethora of activities to indulge in.

Most people do their homework well in advance prior to coming to Canada BC. For individuals as well as families, this location has much to offer. If you are an avid fishing enthusiast, then this venue will be just perfect for your holiday. There are three different places that are among the best. Visiting any one of them will give you a memorable experience which you can take home. You can visit the Fraser River Fishing Lodge (1 hour 20 minutes outside of the city), King Pacific Lodge, A Redwood Resort or Pitt River Lodge. You can find sturgeon, salmon, trout and steelhead fish. Salmon and trout are quite commonly found almost everywhere. Staying at holiday rentals will get you savor this experience and get you closer to the action.

Soak in the sights and relax!

Do spare a moment or two to soak in Canadian culture. While staying at holiday homes, you can hire a vehicle to take you around the city or even the countryside. There are so many attractions that are just waiting for you in this enchanted country. BC is bordered by Alaska, Yukon, the Pacific Ocean and Alberta on different sides. From provincial heritage sites to ecological reserves, BC is full of surprises for you to discover.

A top tourist destination

BC has always been known for its scenic beauty. This is not surprising as it has a great number of national parks and reserves. Some of them include the Yoho national park, the Mount Revelstoke national park, the Gulf Islands national reserve, the Glacier national park etc. BC is also well connected by roadways, waterways and rail. Public transportation makes it easy for you to move around the location.

The best way to get around

Are you looking to see the sights around town by a horse-drawn carriage while you stay in holiday rentals? The best way to get around is by taking a guided tour. You will enjoy the 60 minute narrated tours that leave from the Information Booth on Park Drive. These tour packages are an excellent way to see this location. Whether you choose a garden tour or a city tour you will definitely not be disappointed.

Vancouver, BC – Pamper Yourself With:

This coastal city lies in the south western portion of British Columbia. On its boundaries you will find Burrard Inlet, Strait of Georgia, the Coast Mountains, Burnaby and Fraser River. Named after the legendary Captain George Vancouver, this city is exciting in every way. All you have to do is stay at holiday rentals and wander through its streets. The city will welcome you with open arms.

Unraveling the city within

This international and vibrant city will not disappoint a traveler. So there is every reason why you should take a rent by owner house or check in at holiday homes to learn a little more about the city. Vancouver has been ranked as one of the top three most livable cities on the globe. So finding holiday rentals here should be a great decision. This location has a culturally diverse population and has enjoyed stable economic growth for several decades. It is a leading city when it comes to trade and global commerce. Vancouver also is a perfect venue for entertainment and is sometimes called ‘Hollywood North’. You can indulge at the many theatres and music concerts that dot the cityscape.

Activities for the sports buff.

There are four major sports that have everyone’s attention in one way or another in Vancouver. They are ice hockey, baseball, soccer and football. When you stop to consider that Ice Hockey is pretty much the #1 sport you will then understand the extreme popularity of the Vancouver Canucks who are part of the National Hockey League (NHL). However, for some big time action you can head for ski slopes such as Grouse Mountain- this is 15 minutes from the Downtown Vancouver area or Cypress Mountain- this is where the Freestyle Skiing and Snowboarding events will be held and is 30 minutes outside of Downtown Vancouver. From your holiday rentals, you can also head to Mount Seymour, Whistler and Blackcomb. Don’t miss out on these sports; you should book vacation homes right away.

National parks and gardens

If a garden tour is more to your liking you might want to think about the Dr, SunYat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden tour. You can find out about plants and flowers that are native to China. Alternatively you can enjoy the Botanical Garden and the Centre for Plant research where you can wander through the Asian Garden, the BC Native Garden, the Alpine Garden (high altitude growth) the Physick Garden (medicinal plants only) and the Food Garden. There are several for rent by owner vacation homes that you can rent out which are close to these natural attractions. So it would be wise to look up holiday home listings in Vancouver as soon as possible.

Important Factors of Consideration

If you are planning a family vacation in Canada, BC then you will want to be prepared well in advance. There are several aspects of consideration that you have to keep in mind. For instance, experts would advice that you start scanning through holiday homes listing right away so you can get the best deals on holiday homes. With the sheer number of tourists heading to Vancouver, it would not be surprising if holiday rentals are filled up quickly.

Plan your accommodation in advance

This is definitely the most important step that you need to take. After you have confirmed that you will be staying in Vancouver, the next step would be to look for vacation rentals in Canada BC. There are many different holiday homes that cater to different needs. There are motels for those looking for convenience, bed & breakfasts for their quaint charm, vacation rentals that are economically viable if you are on a tight budget and the RV parks and campgrounds if you want to travel and be on-the-go. All of these options are open to everyone. What you choose depends upon your tastes and budget options.

Transportation in Vancouver

If you do not already live in Canada, BC, then you need to be sure that you can commute from one place to another easily. This is easy enough as there are already arrangements in place with Trans Link or Sky Train.

Vancouver, BC – Top Places to Visit

When coming to Vancouver for your first time, first question may be what to see and to do during your stay. Apart from being Canada’s largest port city, Vancouver has a lot to offer. People from all the four corners of the world come here to experience the rich culture and hospitality of the region. Once you have chosen holiday rentals as your accommodation, you can venture outdoor and opt for hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, fishing or other activities. From whale watching tours to vineyard excursions you will not be disappointed with Canada BC. Here’s a must see list of places in Vancouver:

Museum of Anthropology

Even if the Olympic Games is on your mind, this museum is a must see especially if you like Aboriginal art and West Coast Canadian history. You can park your vehicle at the museum or walk to it if you are staying in close by holiday rentals.

Science World

If you are traveling along with your children to, then stop by at the Science World. Its geodesic dome is quite evident on False Creek, so take a look inside if science is your interest.

Vancouver Art Gallery

This art gallery lies in the old city court house and features exhibits of Canadian and global art. It is quite close to Georgia and Granville. So if your holiday homes accommodation is nearby then this location should be visited.

Vancouver Aquarium

Your vacation rentals should not be too far from the Vancouver aquarium. Apart from the exotic fish on display, the aquarium offers a sleepover program for children. You can also view the painting exhibits of Japanese fish. Gas town Gassy Jack is hard to miss as the copper statue is 14 feet high and stands between Powell and Alexander at the cobblestone intersection. This marks the spot where Vancouver was born. At this location you will also find an assortment of great pubs, good cuisine and an active nightlife. Your Canada, BC experience will not be complete without stopping by this region.

Public Library

This public library offers more than just reading. If you like grand architecture then this is a place you need to visit. This building is rich is design and you can spend hours inside reading or hours outside looking at its beauty.

Granville Island

If you happen to have time over the weekend then head for Granville Island. The public market at the waterfront is indeed interesting. You will love the restaurants, theatre and artist studios that dot the area.

Capilano Suspension Bridge

Vancouver will not be the same without the Capilano suspension bridge which is located in a picturesque setting. You may even find some Aboriginal carvers working during the day. Other attractions in Vancouver include the Stanley Park, Queen Elizabeth Park, Bloedel Floral Conservatory, Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Chinese garden etc. Finding vacation rentals close to these attractions will make your visit all the more exciting and memorable.

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