HaLong Bay Vietnam

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April 19, 2016
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haLong bay vietnam

HaLong Bay Vietnam

HaLong Bay Vietnam

Why HaLong bay Vietnam is considered the heaven on the earth?
The tiny islets and towering limestone pillars amidst the forest cover is what one pictures in their mind while speaking of HaLong bay in Vietnam. The place was declared as a World Heritage site during the year 1994 for a plethora of reasons. The scattered islands and the eroded grottoes make this bay enchanting. If you are looking to experience ethereal beauty, then Ha Long bay is the right place to visit.

The visitors indulge in cruise tours all round the year though the peak season lasts from May to August. The place is drizzly during January to March making the atmosphere eerie. HaLong Bay offers a phenomenal environment and a gorgeous seascape that offers nothing but sheer serenity to the visitor. Being one of the premier attractions in Vietnam, the HaLong bay is located 180 kilometers from the city of Hanoi. The limestone islands in vivid colors are the prime attraction of this bay. The cultural and historical values of this bay are still intact and this reflects from the activities.
The HaLong bay is beautiful and attractive all round the year. You can travel on small sailboats to the amazing caves and limestone islands. You can also pay a visit to the floating fishing village while visiting the Ha Long bay. One can relax and swim on the beach or indulge in a kayaking while visiting the Ha Long bay. If you love indulging in luxury cruises, then Ha Long bay is the ideal place for you. You can indulge in mouth watering Western or Asian cuisine. This place is a Mecca for sea food lovers. One can indulge in sunbath, luxe body massages, squid fishing and much more on this resplendent bay.

halong bay

Halong Bay

The Royal Park in the HaLong City can offer you unforgettable experiences. The circus performance by sea lions, dolphins and crocodiles is not to be missed. The memories of the place would remain with you forever. The delicious food, the fresh air, the unique activities cruising experiences will make your visit to the bay memorable.
HaLong bay is famous for its historic caves. The Pelican Bay is quite popular amongst the tourists. This place is a perfect spot for the photographers owing to the spectacular stalactites than hang the ceiling of the cave. The Virgin cave is no less in its beauty. It is quite popular as a shrine. Indulge in a helicopter tour to get the bird’s eye view of this spectacle. If you love swimming, then Ha Long bay is the best place for it. Kayaking and diving experiences at this place are impeccable. The bay is home to hundreds of floral and faunal species that exist both above and below the sea level. This place is a delight to the lovers of nature. The local markets offer decorative and handicrafts for you to carry along and end your trip with the feeling of wholeness.

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